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Sumps worth the price tag?

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Is a sump made from a few panels of plexi glass really worth the $200 price tag? Wouldn't this be any easy DIY project? Who has made their own?
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$200 for a sump is ok, same price tag look different in different people's eyes.

I made a sump out of a 20G tank(got it for free), a lot of bio-filter media and fast flowing water in that sump, so it works really good for my 168G tank.
I make all of my own sumps. With all of the crazy deals you can get these days on tanks of all sizes, why not. Find an old tank for a few bucks,get some silicone and a glass (or acrylic) sheet and go to town. My latest was a 90g for a reef tank, cost about $150 and worked flawlessly.

Deffinetly a good diy project. I priced them for my 220 and they seemed way overpriced for what you get. I picked up a free 55 from CL and had some glass cut for under $20. home depot silicone like $5, and rig up a filter sock. stuff some filtering material in between the baffles and I was done with only 30-40 bucks into it. Id suggest a sump at least %25 on your main tank as long as it will fit under your stand. what size tank is this for? There are tons of designs out there to copy too!
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And for freshwater you do not really need the wet dry component for most tanks so you don't need to do anything elaborate. If you want it can just be a simple sump plus a nice place for heaters and such. And the used aquarium is the way to go!!
eh i went the purchase route
CPR CS series wet/dry filter sump

well worth the price tag i paid. its solid, clean looking, and is very easy to seal up for co2 loss
and u still reap the oxygenation benefits from having the overflow attached as an open siphon pulls oxygen down into the wet/dry chamber whether its sealed or no
I did DIY, make sure you do some reading and thinking about design before you do. And don't go to HD and use 3/32" cheap glass. .25" or greater. But yes, there is no comparison. Fish do better, tank is always perfect.
dont be afraid to look through the diy section. pm people who respond ask questions. there are lots of setups just got to find the one that works for u.

i run two completely different sumps. pros and cons for both but they do different things for different tanks.

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