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sump tank

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I am buying a 220 gal tank and was trying to figure out how i would figure out the size of sump tank to use for it. Is there a formula or a per so many gal to use for the sump tank size.

All so I was trying to figure out how big to make the media chambers for it and how many i should have.
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Well for starters it's going to depend on the volume of water it'll need to hold based on where the outflow hole is drilled. Whatever water is above the bottom of the outflow to the top of the tank.
I was not planning on drilling the tank i am planning on using a diy overflow system that will be setup to overflow at the bottom of the rim which would return water to the sump when it gets that high.

I was also planning on using a pump system that will move the water at 1100 gph.

B this is all planning not set in stone and since this is my first sump tank i am only figuring things out now. Any suggestions will be more then appreciated
Look up the Bean Animal system. Yes, it involves a drilled tank.

I have a couple of tanks set up with 'over the rim' self starting siphons. I do not like them. They do not always self start.

Sump set up: I have the media arranged the same way as in my other filters:
Coarsest then finer mech, chem, bio. I just have under gravel plates holding the media stable. Not any form up moving the water up and down through baffles. Works pretty well.
+1 on drilling (or having tank drilled) as well as bean animal.

A sump can be pretty small (20-30 gallons) or much larger. I used the largest sump that would fit under the stand for a few reasons.

1. The bigger it is the easier it is to work with. Makes cleaning easier.
2. More room for different media
3. Allows you to quarantine fish in it if necessary.
4. Gives you more time between water changes/top offs
5. More water volume

On my 190 I used a 75 and like it a lot. It's overkill but gives lots of flexibility. On my 12 I had a 10 gallon sump mainly due to increased water volume (not as critical for larger tanks).
i typed into the cal at the link you provided and it shows a min volume of 21gal does that mean i can use a 21 gal tank for the sump tank
i typed into the cal at the link you provided and it shows a min volume of 21gal does that mean i can use a 21 gal tank for the sump tank
I kept the sump for my 125 fairly simple. I built this using a 20 gallon long.
The lower compartment is filled with bio balls, the top tray uses a 11" X 17" washable filter pad.

I am pumping about 1200 GPH through this, and would not want my prefilter any smaller!
As it is, I replace the prefilter pad every two or three days.
The tank is open topped, before setting this up on continuous water changes, I needed to top off the sump every three days (evaporation).
My sump size was adequate for the 125, and is basically irrelevant now, as overflow goes through a drain to a basement drain.

If you have room for a larger sump, I would do one.

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