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Sump Media? Advise needed.

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Wondering what everyone is using in sump for media?

Sump Setup
Drain on Each side, return pump is in the middle

Each drain goes into filter sock

Chamber 1
Below filter sock is egg crate, heater is under it, on top of the egg crate is Poly-Fiber

Chamber 2
Flow from chamber 1 is at the bottom
In this chamber I have poret foam, 20 ppi, does not fill the entire chamber, it only about 3 inches high, but goes the entire length.

Chamber 3
Flow from chamber 2 goes over the top
Eheim SUBSTRAT Pro Biological Filtration Media

I have about 10 boxes of fluval biomax, that I was thinking about adding to chamber 2, and doing away with the poret foam?

I also have 2 gal of Seachem Pond Matrix, it looks like rocks, I was thinking of adding as well.

Thoughts on this?

Also open to other ideas how to move media around?
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I try to keep sponges in there, but one of my dogs gets in there and I come home to shredded sponge on the floor. So I am pretty much down to bio media (he does not want to put his nose under the water far enough to get that.)
Goodness.. u change ur media more than anyone i know.. any reasons why??
Goodness.. u change ur media more than anyone i know.. any reasons why??
ha ha, feel like my tank does not look as clear as it should, was thinking it had to do with sump.
Order for media:
Coarse mechanical (sponge, coarse poret)
Medium mechanical (sponge, finer Poret)
Chemical (Purigen)
Bio (Poret, other)
Fine mechanical (Polyester floss)

I would add some Purigen, see if that helps clear the tank.
It might help to give ur media a chance to cycle and do its work ;) give it a month to see how it does. My water is crystal with just one mechanical pad and the rest bio
The only time i have particles floating is if a fish darts across the substrate

And remember bigger tanks arent as clear as smaller ones.

Neat to see the corys kicking up debris that settles right back down.

Clean the glass too. I think the tank looks cloudy and if I get up and wipe the panes clean it makes such a difference.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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