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Hi there,

For a month now ive been holding off starting up a paludarium for newts in fear that during the summer months it would get to hot to support the little critters.

for me, using an ac unit to cool down the room was ruled out by the old lady, and any thing that required regular hands on maintenance like ice was out of the question. so in my search for other methods, nothing i read would seem to help.

i endeavored to find my own solutions.. i think i have found/come up with something that may work..

here i will briefly explain my solution and i would like some feed back from the community here,

do you think it will work?
what kind of flaws can you think of?
or did i nail it? haha

i have a custom built 55 gal aquarium, wood on 3 sides and glass for one viewing side.. very easy to modify this puppy.

using a semiconductor from a mini fridge (found many on amazon) i mount that to one of the sides of the tank, so that the cooling fan is inside and the rest of the unit is outside.
i hook that guy up to a power supply and the power supply plugged into a temp. controlled outlet with an external thermometer probe, (like a timer but with temperature)

thats pretty much it, if the temp gets too high in the tank, the power is kicked on and the tank gets cooled down..

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Interesting idea. I guess if the thermometer ia just to on/off could work. Bur no idea.

One question is how hot doea i get itself? Prehaps mounting on the tank will also heat it on that side? Not sure but a small pipe going in could easily add some distance? It will probably also dry out the air a fair bit. Not sure there, but here that would be an added bonus.

If the room itself isnt crazy hot, could an open top be workable? I find simply opening the top and having the lights with open air rather than inside lowers the temps a lot.
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