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Summer grass? (56k)

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The concept was to grow hair grass on the windowsill, and show that high light is not needed, that it will grow in low light. As it turns out, Aquasoil is a great medium, and it grows quickly.

there's no pfertilizing, occasional excel added.
direct sun makes algae. best light is indirect lighting.
the two small brandy snifters have an algae problem.
Started with aquasoil and planted hair grass

then added some small glasses

and wanted emersed; this is usually covered with plastic

and small vases


a combo emersed, glass, goblet, vase
future plans: expanding the choices with small crypts

these convex glass shapes give a nice magnification effect.
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looking good :)
so how often do you change the water?
put 1 amano shrimp in there!
so how often do you change the water?
I really don't change the water, unless there's a problem, like the two smaller brandy snifters have algae, so I change their water weekly.
FelixAvery put 1 amano shrimp in there
I could put cherry shrimp, it's almost too small. The big brandy snifter could support a cherry just makes it a lot easier without fauna in there.

opps..I had forgotten this picture

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the office project:
a co-worker had a betta bowl, and I added some peacock moss which did really, really well, despite being far away from the window. I think the plants get a boost from the fish's organics, and from southern exposure, light from windows for 14 hours a day, that helps.

Including a picture, how far away from the window it is!! and narrow leaf java fern is thrivng!
that's me in the mirror.

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