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There is a species identification guide in this paper

(von Rintelen, K. & Cai, Y. (2009). Radiation of endemic species flocks in ancient lakes: Systematic revision of the freshwater shrimp Caridina H. Milne Edwards, 1837 (Crustacea: Decapoda: Atyidae) from the ancient lakes of Sulawesi, Indonesia, with the description of eight new species. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 57: 343-452.)

It describes yellow cheek - C. spinata, as sometimes having a few "same color" spots and two to three transverse yellow bars. Not sure if the same color spots mean yellow like the bars or not.

It also says that the C. spinata is genetically distinct from all other ancient lake species. Finally, if these were wild caught, C. denerli is found exclusively in lake Matano and C. spinata is found exclusively in lake Towuti

So... I don't know if that is a yellow cheek or not, but I am willing to bet it isn't a hybrid.

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