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Suitable pleco for nano?

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Hey guy's been lurking around these forums for quiet some time now, finally decided to register hehe, Ive become fascinated by the whole nano tank thing for a while and Ive finaly decided on getting a small 3 gallon or so tank which I plan on planting etc etc, I was just wondering are there any catfish (aka hoover fish etc) suitable for a nano? I intend on only having one fish in my nano, as i want to just spoil it rotten :D I got my eye set on a whip-tailed cat fish, would this be ok as it only grows to 4.7inches (according to a book i have) and any suggestions as to any similar compatible fish for my nano would be very much appricated.

Many thanks

ll Ash ll
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I'm not sure is a 3 gallon would be suitable because the size of the tank may be too small for it to turn around with ease or swim very far and as I have read, they get as large as 6 inches. An otocinclus would do fine in a 3 gallon but still quite small only reaching 1.5-2 inches and it will eat algae like a machine, very nice for planted tanks. But a oto can be quite boring at times and sometimes hard to find in a heavily planted tank but it is a catfish and it is suitable for a nano. there is a nano fish list stickied at the top of the threads where you can find many suitable fish for a nano tank. you could put in an oto and one other small fish if you wanted.
hey, thanks for the advice :) ive browsed through the thread lol the latin names overwhelm me at times lol anyway ill check it out now, thanks again :)

ll Ash ll
with otos try and keep more than one theyre a shoaling fish just like corydoras
awesome ill keep that in mind :)

Hi i have seen three posts by you so far about nano fish. So here is a link to where you can find a nnano fish list here on our forum.
I got my eye set on a whip-tailed cat fish, would this be ok as it only grows to 4.7inches
If you are talking about a Farlowella, one could manage in a 3gal tank. keep in mind Farlowellas are both rasper's and bottom feeders. their long thin bodies may disturb fine shallow rooted plants as they forage the gravel for food. IMHO you are much better off simply getting 2 ottocinclus, and/or 4 pygmy corys if you can find them. The Farlowella will only be especially useful if you have a lot of light exposed driftwood in your tank.
I think the only sucker mouth fish I would keep in a 3g is Otocinclus....bottomfeeder wise maybe a little group of dwarf cories.
id love some dwarf cories but theyre nia on impossible to find over here. same goes for otocinclus but at least these are common in pets at home. like i said in your angels post if your certain you only want one fish dp or a betta could be your only options
i would go with an oto, farlos are the clumsiest fish i've seen, and mine are at 5" now.
If you like catfish that resemble synodontis sp, check out Ereithes conta (Hara maesotensis), 1.6", or Hara jerdoni, 1.2". I've always wanted H.jerdoni, to me they resemble "midget" whiptails or banjo cats with wings. I hear they prefer live or frozen food (aka high animal protein diet), so the bio-load would be higher than otocinclus. I believe they're omnivorous, though, some profiles state carnivorous but I've read about them or other genus eating algae wafers and shelled peas. Typical catfish diet, bottom feeding trash sweepers.
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