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Suggestions on where to find unusually shaped tanks...

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Hello all! I am planning on getting a small tank for some licorice gouramies in the next few weeks (obviously the gouramies themselves will have to wait four more months due to winter). Anyhow, I am looking for something of about 5 gallons that is at least 20 inches long. Anyone know of any tanks that fit that bill? I have a limit of 100 dollars to spend on the tank, and would prefer to spend considerably less. Just the tank is needed (I have all the equipment I would need for it here, including plastic wrap to cover such an oddly shaped tank). Thank you in advance!
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A 5 gallon tank thats at least 20 inches long? You'd be looking at roughly 20 inches long by 8 inches high and 8 inches wide. Not too sure you'll find something like that without a custom build which would likely cost you more than the $100 limit you have.
I have a 3 gallon that is 18 x 6 x 6 made by Deep Blue Professional. Amazon sells them but breaking in shipping was a common theme in reviews. My LFS ordered it for me and matched Amazons price, was like $30

Got an Azoo Mignon filter and the 16" Finnex all well under $100
I have four of the 6g bookshelf tanks. They are 24x7x9. I'm not sure if there is still stock available though.

Mr. Aqua Serene Little 6 Gallon Frameless Glass Aquarium - Marine Depot
If it would fit, a standard 10 gal tank is 20 inches long.

Having something constructed for you would be out of sight expensive. However, for a small tank like this, you could consider making the tank yourself. It's not too difficult. I would use 1/4" plate glass, since the tank is 20 inches long and it's a DIY project.
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