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Suggestions on Rock placements

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Hey guys.. here is the layout i currently am working on.. just wanted suggestions.. something on the right side is off.. but not sure how to fix it.. suggestions??

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try moving the front far right on further forward. maybe even forward and toward the middle.
hmm i did.. still looks weird.. you think it would look better to just take out the whole right side? and just make a slant on 1 side?? so its like cutting the tank in half diagonally?? but the right side seems so empty lol (sorry first hardscape in my life)

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First, begin with the end result in mind. What do you want the tank to look like in the end? Aquascaping with rocks exclusively is known as iwagumi. If that's what you are after, then use 3, 5, 7 or 9 rocks for the basis of it.

Second, divide the aquarium into thirds and place the main, large stone at the third line, either right or left. Then begin placing stones, one at a time, in such a way that their position naturally supports the big one. Try to build up stones around the third line that you used for the big one.

Third, place some of the final smaller stones on the opposing third (on the other side) to balance the layout. The stones should typically be pointing towards the larger rock and the larger rock should not point up and down but at an angle.

Lastly, triangles are your friend. Here's an analysis I did go George Farmer's One-Pot Iwagumi. It will give you some idea of how George built his rock aquascape.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Tell you what I do.
Cut a piece of cardboard same size as bottom of the tank and then place the cardboard on table with a chair posistioned at eye level .
Then arrange the rock's in different way's till it suit's you,, for it is you that will be looking at it most of the time.
I have found this to be easier than trying to arrange the hardscape while standing above the tank,stepping back,re-arranging,stepping back etc.
thanks for the advice guys, i thought this would ge easy.. 3 hours later still moving rocks around
I am going to foam the bottom of the hill, does any one know what else i need to do after i foam?? i was going to foam and use dirt to cover it up while it was wet so it sticks to the foam.. will this work? (sorry if this question is made for a substrate thread)

so thats what i got so far?? what do you guys think?? im not sure on what i will be planting yet.. I wanted to go for a lake bottom look, but these rocks are starting to make it look more iwagumi.. i guess plants is still up in the air after i figure out the hardscape
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MUCH better. The left two most rocks need work. The larger one doesn't seem to be sitting in a natural position. Play with that one.

The smaller one that is propping up the larger one should move forward out of there.

Again, look for a natural position pointing towards the larger one.

Great work!
I thought it looked weird after looking at it for 5 mins.. here is the changes i made.. about to go to bed.. ill be picking up the foam and finishing it up tomorrow.. hopefully my fish live =0(

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Six rocks instead of 5 or 7 is throwing it off but may be able to be worked with.
In the first post, last picture the second largest rock looks a lot better.
Try turning the large one just a bit counter clockwise and then placing that second one as we see it in the first post and turning it various ways to see if it then compliments
the larger one better. To the left side of the larger one of course.
I thought it looked weird after looking at it for 5 mins.. here is the changes i made.. about to go to bed.. ill be picking up the foam and finishing it up tomorrow.. hopefully my fish live =0(

I would just remove the left rear rock completely and stick with 5 total as they are above. I think they will look great like that.
I would get rid of all except the tall one.

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hmm my fault iPhone quality sucks... the biggest one with the point is actually 2 rocks.. I wanted it to look like a high peek.. so a total of 7

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how did he get the plants to grow on the rock o_0
alright!! so this is prob going to be my final, wanted to see what others say.. i like all the rocks in the back that are placed.. but not sure where i should put the one in the very front..

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SO I forgot i wanted to elivate the back a few inches so I had to move the rocks around again due to the weird angle.. here is the final scape, I will be foaming in a few mins! thanks for all the help and advice.. took me all night +3 hours today just to build and find a right spot for everything..

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Hey guys, so the foam got a little messy and the foam didnt hold the sand like i planned it too.. So i have sections of very very steep cliffs that i was thinking i could moss it to cover it up with staples or something sense i can pin it directly into the foam.. what moss should i use??

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