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Suggestions for filtering a 5g

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So I picked up a couple 5g tanks for cheap, and am looking into filters, most likely hobs. These tanks are going on a bar so I would like something on the smaller side if possible.

I was thinking maybe two azoo palm filters per tank? not sure, any suggestions?:help:

Oh and these will be light bioload, decent number of plants. Maybe cherries and pygmy cories of some type.

Thanks! Oh and its gotta be on the cheaper side!
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I agree an AC20 for sure. I prefer canisters on my big tanks but for small ones you can't beat AC20s. There is tons of media room and lots of flow. Keeps the water crystal clean!
AC20, I guess.
Don't get too excited about it!
For the price, its hard to beat those aquaclear hang on filters. I third the previous advice.
Another ditto for the AC series.
I use the Red Sea Nano on 1 and 2 gallon tanks (about the same as the Azoo) and they are OK for that small size.
For anything larger, the Aquaclear is much better.
I have at least one of each size of these on various tanks, and they are good filters. The best of the HOB style.
Well it seems clear what I should do...and I have done it. New AC20 is purchased and ready to rock! Thanks for the advice, I love you all
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