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Suggestions for Filteration on 16 G

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Hey everyone.. I have a 16 Gallon bowfront tank, with a 65 watt Coralife Compact light, hagen CO2 with ladder.. currently have a HOB Filter.
I want to get away from this HOB filter.. due to it clogging all the time and the water surface aggitation.
I got a nice powerhead for free (though it says it is good up to 50 gallons, too big?) and am going to trade one of my lights for a small canister filter.
My question.. what is my best option for filtering this tank? both the canister and the power head or just one or the other? (would love to use both :) )right now with the HOB I don't think I am getting enough circulation around the tank... I have a feeling that if I just have the canister filter with the flow turned up it will create enough circulation, much more then the HOB am I correct?!but how much is too much??
I also like the idea of possibly injecting the CO2 into one of the filter systems...
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Personally I would recommend the Eheim 2213 on a tank about that size. You can adjust the flow down, but if it does get heavily planted, you should be good.
Also, it should be tough making a DIY inline CO2 reactor for it (Using maybe 1" PVC as the body).
I am getting a Marineland Canister filter without putting out any cash.. but I think it is just like that one so I should be good! It is quite planted already as the tank has been running over a year and a half already.. plants just aren't doing as good as they used to. (Ran outta CO2 and effort until NOW!)
So no need for the power head then? The canister filter will be enough circulation and filteration?
Thanks for the reply!
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