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Suggestions for filter?

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Hello All!

Question for you. I'm looking for a small quiet canister for a Mr. Aqua 12 gallon long tank. i bought the zoomed turtle clean 501 and it was too loud. i was looking at the Finnex Px - 360? is is a good quiet filter. I currently have an AquaClear 30 running on a tank i currently have in the bedroom and its extremely quiet.

Anything as quit or am i better off getting another AquaClear for the tank? i much prefer a canister filter.

Also are the Eheim Classic filters very quiet? That is another option.


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Fluval 106/206 well actually all fluval canisters are quiet. Mine's in my bedroom, so quiet the water is louder than it (since I use it to disturb my water surface).

Great canisters! Don't get the PX 360, mine never worked and left my tank cloudy for a week... the fluval got rid of that within a few hours!
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