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Suggestions for CO2 for Large Tanks?

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We're looking around for a CO2 kit for large tanks (90g), it's hard to find anything over 55 gallons.

Any suggestions?
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What type of filters are you using? And what are all of the components that you are looking for?
We purchased the Fluval 405 and Aquaclear Powerhead.

Ideally we'd like a CO2 kit.
You could go with a 5lb or 10lb cylinder. 5 lb would work fine, any model controller Milwaukee or Neptune, regulator with needle valve,solenoid,and bubble counter. Lastly tubing, let me know as I have all of this.
Thank you Orlando, for your recommendations, I'll look into these components and call around. PM sent.
The big thing that changes for a larger tank is the diffusion method.
Do you want small bubbles around the tank (misting, diffusers), or not see anything (inline reactor, venturi).
Also, I'll recommend the largest tank you can fit under the stand (and carry) since refill prices usually aren't much different between a 5 lb, 10lb, or 20lb.

There are a lot of way to add CO2 to your tank, and different ways to implement it.
Thanks Walter, do you have links to this information? When I Google 'C02 Aquarium', I get a lot of vendor sites (nothing in Canada, of course).
Sorry no links for Canada, but Orlando looks like he gave you one.
One word of caution: The ozone resistant tubing shown in that picture is Norprene, and not good for CO2.
How do I know? I made that mistake.
Better than silicone, worst than vinyl for CO2,E,C&htmlfile=SelectingTubing%2Ehtm&Title=Search
Actually, I ordered all of my CO2 equipment off eBay for my 90 gallon.

$40.00 - 15# tank (might want to go to a refill location to see if they sell them, because shipping will kill you on a tank)

$90.00 - 2 gauge regulator with solenoid and needle valve

$00.99 - bubble counter

$20.00 - diffuser I built myself outta parts from my local hardware store.

(not including shipping costs & that's USD)
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I ship to Canada all the time.

And when you say "kit" you really should be a bit more specific.
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