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Suggestions for centerpiece plant in low tech tank

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I'm finalizing my plant selection for my 55G tank that I will be setting up next week and I still have to decide on a centerpiece plant. The tank dimensions are 48" wide, 12" front to back, and about 21" or 22" tall. So unfortunately being limited by the 12" front to back the centerpiece plant would have to be fairly tall but not wide.

I've started looking into the Tiger Lotus a bit. However, I'm curious to know what other options are available for some nice looking centerpiece plants that would do well in a low tech tank. By low tech I mean the following:

Two T8 4 foot bulbs providing light
Flourite substrate
No CO2 and no Excel
Regular dosing as per Tom Barr's suggestion for low tech tanks

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Nice screenname :) I'd suggest a huge java fern, maybe mounted on a piece of driftwood.
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