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Suggestions for a 90 gal.

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Well I got a 90 from my boss as an end of the year/birthday present, finally getting around to setting it up. Gathering needed supplies and throwing around different ideas of what I want to do with it.

Anyway, I've got plenty of Malaysian driftwood so I plan to make a driftwood mountain/cave of sorts for my 12" black ghost knife, but I'm pretty stuck on what kind of plants I want to incorporate into the scape. I've always loved Madagascar lace plants so I was going to pick up 2 or 3 of them, but all of the fish I have are S. American so I was maybe thinking of going with that theme of things. Any good suggestions for a sort of showpiece plant? I want to keep it simple and try to limit the tank to only a few species of plants, maybe 3, so something that'll utilize the height of the tank, possibly a grassy foreground, and then something to maybe break the two up a bit.

Specs for now:
90 gal glass tank drilled with a corner overflow
A 48" Hagen Glo single t5ho fixture that I plan to upgrade here soon
5# co2 rig that I need a new bubble counter for
Pool filter sand and mineralized topsoil
Lots of Malaysian driftwood