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Suggested High Tech Lighting

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I just started my first high tech planted tank and right now all I have for lighting is a 36" Current LED plus that is to big for my 17 gallon Mr. Aqua and a 13 watt fluval light. Both of these light were just lights I had from other tanks. So I am looking for something that looks sleek and has the best or brightest light for Dwarf baby tears that I am trying to carpet. Any thoughts?
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What is the size of the tank you are looking for a light for - the dimensions of the tank? Without that it isn't possible to answer the question.
its the Mr. aqua 17.1 gallon, its 24 by 12 by 14
That is one of the most popular tanks (the same as ADA's 60-P). I would recommend reading some journals to see what other people are using and with what results. Select your initial plants and decide what is more important to you in terms of plant growth, color, and maintenance.

I personally used a 2 x t5ho Hagen Glo fixture on top of that tank and that was challenging amount of light for me, even with co2.

For LEDs, start with the 3 usual suspects: Current USA Planted+, Finnex Ray 2, and buildmyled com. Read reviews, check out PAR charts, features, etc and see what fits your needs and your budget. All three are reputable brands, are widely used by folks at TPT and all have their plusses and minuses. Tons of info on them on this forum.

I would certainly start with a single fixture. If you decide that you want more light, you can add a second one later.

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