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I did a water change in my 10g shrimp tank and later checked the tds level and was stunned to discover that it had spiked from 200 to 530ppm, and the nitrates were off the chart; I could not find a color that matched my test strip.

I used the same water source while changing my other tanks that same day and no tds spike occurred.

All I can think of is some gunk from the coarse sponge covering the intake had leached stuff into the water.
Of course I had not bothered to change that coarse sponge in months, this being a shrimp tank now.

Anyhow, after a few partial water changes, the tds is still a bit elevated but nitrates are now 10ppm again.

The shrimp are all fine, including a few babies, but I was really surprised to discover a dwarf puffer fry, maybe 6-7 weeks old, swimming midwater.
I had never seen him before!

I had a pair of DP's in there but removed them a couple months ago when they did not appear to be spawning.

Funny thing, I obviously never fed the DP fry but I guess the fat little puffer survived on the few tiny snails that I sometimes spot, leftover from when I kept the DP pair in there.

I love this hobby.
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