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such a thing as too many snails?

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ok so i probably have close to 100-200 maybe more..i have no clue since its so hard to count.. is that too many..

I mean I could put my loach in that tank and let him have a field day... but then how would I remove all those empty shells... or does it not matter to remove the shells
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Lettuce leaf at night. Pull it out in the morning, send them to someone with a puffer. :)
hmm interesting... how big of a peice of lettuce..
As big as you want...if you have that many, maybe a full leaf...pull the leaf out before you turn your lights on.
ha I can just picture all of them...

Its gonna be disgusting having to pull that leaf out
I prefer the loach method because it's less disgusting. If you do the lettuce leaf method, be prepared to handle a mass of throbbing slithering snails.

Empty shells won't have an adverse impact on your GH. They will slowly return to the substrate. Plus it's good food for loaches, although if the snails contain parasites...
well I figured if snail shells are made from calcium.. then wouldnt they raise the GH?
i put dwarf puffers into a snail infested tank once

the next day all 3 died... they ate too much...
OMG THAT'S A LOT OF SHRIMP! HOW DID YOU GET SO MANY. Really awesome video. The power of MTS!

^ lol. I read the YouTube comments. :D
lol I think you ment snails instead of shrimp... but ya.. that was disgusting.. they looked like tiny leaches!
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