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Succulent gravel?

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Hi aquarium experts,

I am unsure if the planting gravel i bought at a succulent show is safe for my aquarium? The gravel is pretty nice looking and i would like to place that on top of the aqua soil i just bought. I have never used aqua soil before, only flourite and sand. My concern is that the gravel could potential leech mineral into the water colum. But i also figure that if they use that for the top cover with succulents and other plants, than it would be safe.

Is planting gravel ok to use? Can I place a layer of gravel on top of the aqua soil?

Thank you much!
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Put some of the gravel in a glass of water.
Test GH, KH, pH and TDS of the plain water, then test it in the glass with gravel every few days for a week or two.

If the gravel is of limestone origin then it will add minerals to the water. This may be OK for certain fish (live bearers, certain Cichlids, certain Rainbows), and the plants will not generally care, these minerals are some of the trace nutrients they use.
But if the gravel is too active this way you will not be able to keep most of the soft water fish that are so often the choice for a planted tank.
Well to expand a little more... you want minerals. Minerals are what plants feed on. What you probably do not want is a gravel that is alkaline containing high amounts of calcium that will raise your pH. Thats all you have to test for..alkalinity. Get some muratic acid and put a few drops on the gravel. If it fizzes, its highly alkaline.
i think the gravel is safe. Is it ok to put on top of the aqua soil?
First you need to actually determine whether the gravel is safe or not (adding limestone to succulents is not unheard of, as many prefer higher soil pH).

If it's safe, then I see no problem putting in on top of aqua soil (though it might wind up underneath it if it's a lot denser).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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