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Successful tannin stained planted tank possible?

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I plan on keeping my tank with heavy tannins, as I enjoy the look and the fish I am keeping prefer it.

I was wondering though - a great deal just came my way on a pressurized CO2 system. I am very tempted to take advantage. What I am wondering though, is if it will even have a benefit, as I am worried about trying the more difficult plants due to the tannins.

Tank: 90cm X 30cm x 50cm (36''x12''x20'')

Lighting: 2x39w T5HO.

Substrate: Soil capped with gravel.
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Driftwood with flesh bark, or red tea with no additive will strain the water.

and if you only want to keep the ph down, use peat,
Or grow large amount of plants for about sometime, the ph will drop.
either case you need really strong biological filter, because once ph lower, the nitrification bacteria will be inhibited.
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