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hello, I am from India, I am trying to culture bloodwormsfor my turtles since past one month , searched a lot at internet but got failed , because first I went near pond and digged mud there and found some small worms stuck in moist mud (not wet mud), so I thought those are bloodworms and then I came home and kept them in bucket filled with water and some dead leaves ,small round rocks and stuff but later I realized that those were earthworms not bloodworms, then I tried to culture earthworms , went to another location and caught earthworms put them in coco moss but after few days all earthworms were dead because the moss was not good and no one sells here peat moss, only thing available here is coco coir moss , so I went again and caught some more earthworms put those in square shape tub and well aerated but they all died again because of same moss then i realized that it is problem of MOss, then today again I went third time to catch the worms and put those in a circle shaped tub with cardboard bedding now lets see what will happen, temperature here now a days is around 20-26Celcius because of rainy season and No one sells here earthworms or bloodworms because there are very few aquarium keepers and I asked few people outside my city (some 300miles away) they get their bloodworms supply by the drainage cleaner person, who go into sewage/drainage and catch bloodworms from there and sell them to friend who is 300 miles away.

my question are as follows-

Q1. DO I have midge fly here ? I have common household flies ,fruit flies, mosquitoes etc.

Q2. if I put a small tub with dead leaves at my open roof with NET cover then how midge fly will get in ? and if i dont put net then you said that mosquitoes wont let midge fly develop so I am confused what type of net to put , if I put bigger net then mosquitoes will also go in , so will it be ok to put fine net like 1/2mm net at tub for bloodworms.

Q3. Where to keep the tub filled with dead leaves and rainy water I collected ? in dark room or at my roof ?

Please add anything if you feel I should know for culturing bloodworms
Thanks a lot
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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