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Substrate question

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So i bought a bag of that flourlite? i believe ist called? anyway i got the brown stuff. and after the whole process the tank just looked like mud. so i rinsed some of the soil that i just put in before i finished the tank. Are you supposed to rinse that stuff? or just wait the approx. week for it to settle lol?
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Most people rinse before using it, then plant before adding water so there is less disturbance. Then fill by placing a plate or plastic bag over the substrate and pouring the water in slowly so it seeps into the substrate.
There may still be a bit of mistiness, but no big cloud like you are seeing.

At this point there are 2 ways to go.
A) rinse the material still in the tank by doing a continuous water change.
B) remove the material and clean the tank, and rinse the material outside the tank.
A bit of math: Dust + Water = Mud That's why I always rinse new substrate.
lol. i love showing the pic of the first time i used flourite and didnt rinse

look about four posts down
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