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Substrate Opinions

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Hi All,

Going to start a new shrimp tank soon - a big one ( 2.1 metres split in to six sections of 35cm each, with a half bare bottom setup ).

So - my problem is this. I live in a small country ( Malta ) where there are no shrimp shops and therefore obtaining substrate has always been a major problem. I normally purchase my soil from abroad and get it shipped here. I currently run Bouse Type B soil which EXCELLENT but since for this tank I will need FOUR bags of 8 liters, the shipping will be prohibitively expensive . There is a website, Aquasabi , which offers free shipping on a certain amount, so I would like to buy from there. They have either Shirakura or Borneo Wild soils - which would you guys choose between the two ? ( They also carry ADA - which I've used in the past but don't want to again because of ammonia leaching, and also Shrimp King - which I've used in my betta tanks but doesn't last very long ). Online, I've read mixed opinions about the Shirakura but haven't really found much info about the Borneo Wild.

Any opinions would be appreciated.
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I've been looking around the web trying to help you find some answers and there doesn't seem to be much information out there.

Here is a response I found from another website that you may find helpful:

"Its the same process... the BorneoWild soil does release ammonia initially too, just less than ADA aquasoil, but the amount is still enough to feed and grow beneficial bacteria.

The difference is because the initial ammonia release is less, the bacteria can process it faster so the cycling process is abit quicker."
Yeah I found that info re Borneo Wild as well. I guess I'll be trying out the Shirakura soil then, unless I can get a good postage quote on 4 bags of Bouse soil (which is unlikely since the weight would be more than 30kg hehe )
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