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Substrate Heaters- Good or Useless?

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I was reading a recently posted thread regarding someone who distrubed their substrate and are encountering large pH drops. The advice given is that they may have disturbed anaerobic areas, dead areas or where nutrients may have built up. Is this truly the case and if so, does this make the case for substrate heaters? I have been researching this as i had considered to put these into my tank but I've read in this forum that the general consensus is that substrate heaters dont really do much.

My initial reaction to substrate heaters was that it made sense to have a gradient between the substrate and the water but it seems that many folks have found them useless... any feedback on this?
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Substrate heaters have fallen out of favor. To my knowledge, they have not been found to help. They don't really hurt either until you try to replant and the roots are tangled up in the wires.

Many people use MTS to keep their substrate stirred up.
Many people use MTS to keep their substrate stirred up.
Multiple tank syndrome keeps your substrate stirred? oh you mean the snails, nm.
The two best ways to avoid "dead zones" in the substrate that I can think of is MTS & UGF's. Obviously we don't use UGF's much for planted tanks, so I guess that would leave MTS as the option. I wish I never got my Yo-Yo. It's a great fish, but I have almost no MTS anymore.

Tommy <9))>>{
Thanks everyone. Anyone ever keep peacock or spiny eels? I've kept them in a community tank but not for a planted. I wonder if their borrowing would disturb the plants too much.
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