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Substrate for 20 gallon long...ADA Amazonia or not

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I am going to be setting up a new 20 gallon long setup and I was considering ADA Amazonia for my substrate, but I am now unsure if it is going to be a good choice after reading some of the posts about aquasoil being messy and breaking down here on the forum. I dont want to use an expensive substrate that may end up breaking down and being super messy.

Should I still take a chance and use ADA Amazonia, or should I be safe and use a different substrate? What are other good substrates that you wuold reccommend if you dont reccommend ADA Amazonia?

If I do use ADA Amazonia would one 9L bag be enough to fill up my 20 gallon long tank, or would I need more?
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Good Questions, Im no expert with ADA but my initial experience is that its very messy and yes it does break down easy so long term durability is questionable. If you squeeze a grain in betwen your fingers, it just breaks down into grains.

Im sure its an awesome substrate but I believe ADA came out with this to avoid having substrate scratching there tanks. It does excel in that area where its not sharp at all.

I used Eco complete and then topped that with a 1inch layer of ADA, but its making a muddy mess that Im dealing with. Im battling a decision whether to leave it or not but I do love Eco Complete and I dont think you can go wrong using a proven substrate!
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