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Substrate for 20 gallon long...ADA Amazonia or not

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I am going to be setting up a new 20 gallon long setup and I was considering ADA Amazonia for my substrate, but I am now unsure if it is going to be a good choice after reading some of the posts about aquasoil being messy and breaking down here on the forum. I dont want to use an expensive substrate that may end up breaking down and being super messy.

Should I still take a chance and use ADA Amazonia, or should I be safe and use a different substrate? What are other good substrates that you wuold reccommend if you dont reccommend ADA Amazonia?

If I do use ADA Amazonia would one 9L bag be enough to fill up my 20 gallon long tank, or would I need more?
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i was with mizu-chan when she first switched to ADA AS, and if i remember it took about a month. I think it depends on how many and how much water changes you do.

if your still debating over wether to get it or not, i saw mizus tank grow better in one month than it had in 6 months when she had a mix of eco-complete and schultz aquatic soil just from the AS.
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