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I have heard that the growth from the Aquasoil is very good, I was jsut a little afraid of getting a "bad batch" or whatever and ending up having a big mess (that is also expensive).

I was at the LFS today and they had Aquasoil Amazonia for $40 a bag. Is this a reasonable price, or is it sort of expensive?
That is a really good price. Most people end up paying an arm and a leg with shipping. These days it seems really difficult to decide when you hear about bad batches of Eco-Complete floating around, bad batches of ADA Aquasoil. Even SMS/oildri messes with water parameters(KH/PH) which makes you think twice about getting it. About your only safe bet seems to be mineralized topsoil(if you can get all the ingredients including dolomite and the right type of soil and clay), fluorite(sand, black, or regular), or just plain old pool filter sand capped over some root tabs.

I have had no issues to date with ADA Aquasoil II but I would not risk purchasing it again to set up more tanks given all the issues people are experiencing. I would stick with original ADA Aquasoil which seems to be a much safer bet. If I could not afford it, I would go with mineralized topsoil, redsea flora base(alleged to grow plants as well as Aquasoil but much cheaper), or fluorite sand or regular black.
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