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Hi Folks,

Some of you may have seen and helped me in other threads. I bought a used Osaka 320L (84g) tank last week. I intended to redo the tank completely, but schedules didn;t work out so I wound up using much of what the previous owner had.

For substrate he had large-grain Flora Max. Maybe 1/2 inch size stones. Doesn't seam ideal. Probably lots of water flow through the substrate. Getting plants seated seems harder than it should be. He had plenty of success with plants though - easy ones, crypts, vals, a wisteria.

So I was wondering, is the Large Flora Max going to work fine with dosingand CO2? SHouldI just bite the bullet and strip it down and rebuild with something else?

Not necessary to have teh BEST, just one that will work with easy to moderate care plants.

Lighting is 2 54w t5 ho bulbs (seem very strong). Dosing now with Excel per instructions. Filter is a Rena XP3.

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