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These Substrate Additives are not necessary to have a beautifully constructed aquascape; yet what I'm striving for in these are to help with the jump start and increase the longevity of a balanced biotope. These Substrate additives supply in increments essential nutrients to each of the biotope's systems. By having a slow-releasing surplus of nutrients under your substrate, it extends the life of an exhausting substrate helping you to enjoy an aquascape for a longer period of time.
All Mixes are made by myself using my hands to grind, crush, and mix; I do hope you appreciate all the effort and research I put in these products. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

The Package will contain a volume of each product; Zoquitl,Tapachtli,Achiotik, Xotla, Māneltic.
Small - $15.99; up to 10gal
Medium - $25.99; up to 30gal
Large - $35.99; up to 40gal
Custom - Message for price quote

Every package is made to order

Payment and Shipping
Payments are only accepted through Paypal,Credit/Debit(I can swipe you card) or Cash in person.
If you're in the local San Diego Area pick-up is available.
Shipping is dependent on the volume you order using USPS flat rate shipping.

Small(1 only) - $7.00
Medium(1 only) - $7.00
Large(1 only) - $14.00
Custom (per order)

Orders over $50 get free shipping

Directions of Use
Any Substrate additives should not be washed or rinsed before use. Just use product as is straight from from the package for optimal use. These products are designed for use in a new aquarium ecosystem as a primary base of the Substrate.

The Package will contain a volume of each product; Zoquitl,Tapachtli,Achiotik, Xotla, Māneltic.

1. Clean the aquarium free from any particulates washing the vessel with a diluted acetic acid (vinegar) wash. Rinse with clean water and let dry afterwards.
2. Open the package of Māneltic and pour contents in the clean empty aquarium creating and even dispersal throughout the base of the aquarium. Leave 1/4 - 1/2 in (6-15mm) around the edge of the aquarium to hide the appearance of Māneltic with the substrate of your choice creating a clean look.
3. Open each packet of Zoquitl,Tapachtli, Achiotik and Xotla. Sprinkle each of the additives in any order evenly throughout the foundation covering the Māneltic
4. Pour the substrate of your choice into the aquarium carefully as not disperse the substrate additives. Completely cap the substrate additives as none should be seen at a recommended depth of 1 in (25mm).
5. Fill your aquarium with clean aquarium appropriate water let your cycling begin.

Substrate Additive Descriptions

"Zoquitl" (Nahuatl for Mud); AKA Grey
Mineral clay rich in trace minerals which are derived from Cambrian seabeds. Also contains the electrostatic mineral Tourmaline. Helps by promoting bacterial and root growth. Great for Plant or Shrimp only Tanks.

By containing Trace and Electrostatic minerals, it helps by increasing the stimulation of bacterial and plant root growth which is essential for a new eco-system. The minerals that are provided helps increase the essential nutrition for a substrate to improve water quality and longevity of a new ecosystem.

-Natural Sediment Mud/Clay
- Montmorillonite

-Trace Minerals

"Tapachtli" (Nahuatl for Shell/Coral); AKA Green
Calcium from biological and non-biological sources. It also contains Magnesium and trace elements.

Calcium is a vital nutrient in plant development as it is an important constituent of cell walls which is the main component in the "skeletal" system in plants. Since it is obtained from beneath the substrate, it is an ideal source of slow released Calcium that does not affect the pH of hardness of the water.


-Biologically derived Calcium carbonate
-Mineral derived Calcium carbonate
-Trace Minerals

"Achiotik" (Nahuatl for the color Red Oxide); AKA Red
Naturally derived Iron supplement with Humic Acids and Rich in Trace Minerals. Iron helps in photosynthesis and helps with coloration in red/orange/yellow plants.

By having a combination different forms of iron solubility, gives a substrate a prolonged supply of Iron to your eco-system. As your plants grow the soluble iron first takes effect by enriching your substrate with iron for the first few months of solidification. As your eco-system begins established, plants start to release special enzymes and with the help of organic acids, help convert the insoluble Iron oxide to soluble Iron feeding the plants for prolong period for your eco-system.

-Insoluble Iron Oxide
-Trace Minerals
-Soluble Iron

-"Organic" Silicate Clay
-"Organic" Humic Acid

"Xotla" (Nahuatl for to grow/burn); AKA Black
A mixture of Activated Carbon and Organic acids.

Fast stable release of organic acids and CECs, it promotes the growth of microorganisms, removes excess organic substances and stimulates plant growth.


-Crystallized Humic Acid
-Crystallized Fluvic Acid
-Activated Charcoal

"Māneltic" (Nahuatl for To Mix); AKA Brown
The primary base before the substrate.

Primarily composed of porous and granular volcanic stones which are first soaked in bath of aged beneficial water. These attributes help secure proper water circulation in a compacted substrate which in also helps provide a matrix for beneficial bacteria to propagate. It is also laced with organic materials that contain slow releasing sources of NPK which enriches the substrates and promotes ideal conditions for bacterial activity and root development.

-"Organic" Peat
-"Organic" Pumice Stone
-"Organic" Biological NPK
-"Organic" Mineral Potassium
-Coco Fiber
-Activated Carbon

-Bacterial Supplement
-Mycorrhizal Supplement
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