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Submersible, Flexible, Dimmable LED Strip?

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I'm looking for something similar to the Orphek product described in this video... which doesn't appear to be available:
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I'm not sure where to get any but i would like to know whacha gonna do with it???

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I have a weird kind of plant stand that has a glass vase built into the bottom of the stand (such that a regular plant container can still be placed on top). I want to turn the vase into a small planted aquarium. The challenge is to figure out what kind of lighting fixture it could accommodate - since I don't want a fixture that will be in the way of a plant container placed on the top. Thus the fixture would have to be submersible (even though it would be at the top of the vase) - or else very thin... something like would is shown at this link might work - but also is not sold:
Satellite plus flex strip is RGB and flexible but it is not meant to be submersed. You can easily tape it to the rim of the vase facing it down though!
Actually - now I'm think of not using flexible strips - and instead somehow fashioning my own lid (similar to the second link I posted) - starting with a flat rectangular LED matrix that I would attached to the bottom of the lid that already goes with the vase... do you have anything that might work like that? (It can't have a pre-attached "neck" - just the power cord).

The vase is U-shaped (widest part at top)... so I don't think the idea of attached the flexible strip to the inside vase top will work since the I think the emiitted light would be directed "up" instead of down into the vase...
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