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Pretty tank. It would be nice if you could find more rocks you like.Good excuse to go shop, right?

Never used UV and survived many bouts of GW. I may have seen the last of it, been 3 years since the tank has had any.

First nutrients. You are doing EI but what about GH? Are you sure the water has about 4 degrees? Didn't solve anything for me but adding nitrate to a nitrate free tank sure did so who knows.

Try shading the tank. Use floating plants, window screen as shade cloth, allow stems to grow to the surface and shade the water volume. Plant shade seems to work better than shadecloth unfortunately.

Last, better biological filtration. I haven't seen GW since installing sponges in the sump. Before I saw it every time I disturbed the substrate pulling stems and such. You could simply try putting a large prefilter sponge on your filter's intake or even cover your Koralia with sponge.

Sponges kept GW from happening, that nitrate addition worked inside a week. Shading the tank was agony, took weeks and the tank was a big rectangular block of green.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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