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Latest Picture Updated:

Last Picture Before Breeakdown:


-2x AquaticLife 24" T5HO Dual Light Fixture
1x Zoomed Ultra Sun 6700k
1x Zoomed Flora Sun
1x Aquatic Life 6000k
1x WavePoint Ultra Sun 12000k

-Aquaclear50 HOB Filter

Paintball system w/ AquaticLife Regulator + Adapter
Aquatek 3-in-1 Diffuser
2-3 BPS

Koralia Nano 240
100W Heater

ADA Aquasoil Amazonia
Petrified wood Stone

Alternanthera Reineckii Mini
DHG Belem
Limnophila sp. Mini Vietnam
Ludwigia sp. Red
Rotala Rotundifolia
Rotala Colorata
Rotala Green
Rotala Indica True
Staurogyne Repens

EI Dosing
Plantex CSM+B

6x Rummynose Tetra
2x Otocinclus
2x SAE
~10x? RCS

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Did some changes aesthetically to the layout. Changed the cling on frosting to black to give it more depth and contrast between colors.
Trimmed the Cabomba and Rotala some

Also added some new plants:

~10 stems of Ludwigia Arcuata to the back left and Alt. Mini to the foreground. Also tied some Riccia Fluitans and replaced the dwarf sag.

Minor changes with big impacts imo.


Alt. Mini

Ludwigia Arcuata growing in

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Update 10/28/14
Moved some plants around and added a bit more plants like the Ludwigia sp. Red and some Myrio Matt. But that's all really.
Did a small trim a bit prematurely that stunted growth, the S. Repens seem like they melted a bit but everything seems to be on the right track.
Added some moss too.

Still need some feedback and suggestions! First setup so this is all a learning experience :)

Latest Picture Updated: October 28, 2014

I also upgraded from mini co2 to Paintball thanks to SonicPath

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Finally got my head around updating my journal! :)

Alot has changed since November. I've upgraded my powerhead and lights, along with my plant list. I've taken out the wood and instead have decided to go along with an iwagumi layout. I've also added in a pathway, which I think looks okay.

I plan on putting a much larger piece of petrified wood on the left or right side. Something similar to the piece I have on the left, but I haven't found the perfect piece.
I'm still experimenting with a lot of styles and techniques so I'll see where all of this takes me haha.

Here's the tank just before Christmas

A bit after christmas:

And the tank today after a trim

I added more Rotala green in the back today and plan on shaping the whole back into the classic 2 types of Rotala background. All there is to do now is just let everything grow out.

& I am battling some green water at the moment due to relatives wanting to feed my fish during the holidays.

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Where are the rocks? I cant see them. Otherwise great looking tank. Love the way all the plants have grown. Even with high light and co2 my plants don't grow that well. Are you doing any kind of ferts, I did not see any listed in your first post.
At the moment there's only 1 stone and the rest are all small rocks haha. I'm looking for more but my area doesn't sell much.

& I dose EI with KNO3, KH2PO4 ,KSO4, & Plantex CSM+B

It's up in the first post :) thanks for the compliments!

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I've actually purchased a UV sterilizer about a week ago and I've never been happier. In less than a week the water has become crystal clear. :thumbsup:

I've been searching everywhere for quality petrified wood pieces tall enough to look great in the tank, but I haven't found the right pieces yet.

Thank you for the compliments everyone

Tank as of 2/4/15

Since the UV sterilizer, the water has become crystal clear!

Just waiting on the Rotala Green to fill in on the right side so it can mirror the Rotundifolia mound on the left.

I wish I had a quality camera to take decent pictures. Everything is shot using my iPhone at the moment.

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So a while has passed and I've decided to update this old journal.

Nothing much has changed aside from a bit of hardscape and plant changes. I've assed more stone to give the tank more aesthetics, and moved some plants around to fit everything nicely. I've also stopped doing a lot of water changes and despite this, have been getting nice growth! I've also ripped out the rotala on the left side and replanted the trimmings in order to get rid of the leggy bottom growth as well as to even out the growth with the rotala green. Here's how the tank looks as of today:

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