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Stupid Smoke

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The smoke outside is killing me. I have to work out in this:

^ That's not fog or smog or a cloudy day. It's sunny and in the 90's. (pic from my neighborhood)

We live at the very north end of the central valley in CA. We've had a number of large wild fires and the smoke just gets stuck here. My sinuses are mad.
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Ya, not so much. My eyes are all itchy and stuff. The air is all thick and Horrable.
I know what your going through. Thats every summer in Central Oregon sadly. Hope the fires clear up soon!
Wow I never thought about that. That'd be rough on the sinuses...what's it do in terms of the smell in the house? I know when I have a bonfire my clothes smell like it till I wash them.
Maybe walk around with a surgical mask? I could help (shrugs)
I know that smell. No matter where you go, you get reminded of camping.
I understand the feeling. I live in Colorado and we have had a slew of horrible wild fires here. Lots of people now homeless. It's a sad deal.

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I totally am reminded of campground whenever I walk outside, lol.

Ya, I think at least 70 families have lost their homes so far. We still have a couple more moths until it starts raining again too.

I don't think you notice a smoky smell in your home. You just get used to it. I think my air conditioner filter does.a.pretty good job at getting rid of it. The A/C runs almost 24/7 here in the summer.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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