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Stupid question... timer for co2?

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I have a Green Leaf Aquarium pressurized co2 system. I was wondering if I can set it on a timer with my lights?
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Assuming it has a solenoid, yes!
Many set them to work with the lights and other want them on a different timer to get the CO2 brought up when the light comes on. I let them run together but different tanks need different things.
I have a Green Leaf Aquarium pressurized co2 system. I was wondering if I can set it on a timer with my lights?
yes, the on/off switch for that will be a solenoid.
Thanks for your help and yes it has a solenoid. It has a solenoid led, what is the purpose of the led?
So you can visually know when it's on/off if you don't hear the audible click from the solenoid and can't see bubble counter.

Example: Going to fridge at 4 AM for a glass of milk, see an orange light as you walk by, means you better check the timer setting...

My controller uses military time. I changed the photoperiod today, so also changed the co2 timing. Solenoid light was on when I didn't want to co2 on so I knew I messed up the military time in the settings and fixed it without wasting co2 all night.

I think it was an extra $20 for that feature. You don't really need it.
I use small photosensor right under my lights to turn co2 on/off. Sometimes I manually override light timer so co2 is always available when lights are on.
I use ptocell + arduino, but there are many photo-relays available.
I would get the below. It will control your lights (fully programmable scheduling), temperature (you should never run a heater without a separate controller) and pH (you need the optional pH probe) for controlling your CO2. It has many other functions and is a full-blown aquarium controller/computer. It will be the best $160 you ever spent! I have mine set to turn on the CO2 if the pH drops below 7.

These are all you need.

ReefKeeper Lite Basic - Digital Aquatics - Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper - Controllers & Monitors - Controllers & Testing - Bulk Reef Supply

PINPOINT pH Replacement Probe - Bulk Reef Supply
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