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Stupid question about LED PAR

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I want to upgrade my light from one 20W T8 bulb to Current USA LED+ 24'.
My tank is 29g High 30x12x18.

I have 2 questions,
1. It will be a big upgrade? My plants will cunsume much more nitrates?
2. I read the PAR data, 28 for 18' depth. But if my plant is on the middle, it will receive not 28 but much more PARs? And what about the plants that reach the surface? It won't be afected by algae during the high light?

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I have the same tank and light. I would not consider it a huge upgrade in terms of amount of light. You will still fall into the low to maybe medium light category. In terms of features.. I didn't stop playing with it for weeks. It is an awesome light. I did however upgrade to buildmyled as I am going to attempt a carpet and some high light plants.
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