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Stupid accident but very concerned!

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I can't believe I'm even having to ask this question but I am concerned...

I bought some flex LED strips for my 10G planted tank that I cycled and have recently added 12 baby PFR Cherry Shrimp about a week ago. While I was waiting for the LED housing to arrive to install the LED strips into, I temporarily stapled them with light duty staples and staple gun to the shelf above the tank......

I'm sure you probably now know where I'm going with this...I went to remove the staples out of the shelf tonight and one of the staples broke off and the smaller portion of the staple, like the arm part that penetrates the wood, broke off and I "think possibly" fell in my 10G planted shrimp tank! I looked everywhere with a light, but where it would have fallen would have been in or around a big bunch of stem plants and rock in the corner of the tank and I can't find it.

Is this going to cause harm to my shrimp and plants? Do I need to drain my tank and search for this?? Please help!! I'm so worried it will rust and hurt or kill my shrimp!

Thank you!
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Without knowing what the staple is made from, it's hard to say.

If it is stainless steel, then it won't really be a problem.

If it is just steel, it will rust. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

People used to put staples and paperclips into their aquariums to get more iron, so...
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