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stunted growth

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My plants in the center are doing fine however the plants along the edges are not keeping up with the center plants. I have dwarf sags that are changing to yellow(only a few at a time) and break off at the substrate.
4 amazons are large in the center 1 amazon on the edge is half the size of the others. I have 2.5 wpg of 10,000K light ferts every other day. My co2 is about 25ppm. Any ideas on what I should try to remedy this?
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AFAIK, 10,000K lights are not good for FW plants. Appropriate lights are in 4,500K-6,700K range.
10K Kelvin is ok for plants, still effective. I'm sure you just don't have good light dispersion to the corners/sides of the tank. What are the tank dimensions, and what kind of lights do you use?
I have a coralife 30 in. pc with 1 6700K and 1 10,000K dual 65 watts. my tank is 30x18x24 I have 2.3 WPG. Is it possible that the gravel is to dense, I never rinsed the fluorite or the Laterite I just mixed it with a small amount of gravel? the tank is 56 gallons.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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