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Stumped - Need help on Planted Tank

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Hello, I've set up a 29g planted tank, and plants are just doing horribly?! I've no clue why. I feel I've done everything right but clearly there's something I missed. Here's some information and pictures.

Lights: 2 10w "t5" LED Tubes, 6000k
CO2: Pressurized co2 with an atomizer
Fertilizers: I EI dose with macros on MWF, Micros (CSM+B) on T/TH/SA, with a 50% WC on Sundays. I've also put root tabs under every area that there are plants.
Substrate: EcoComplete (40lb total)

Livestock: very light, only 6 ember tetras and 2 pygmy cories (I know, I'll be getting more soon.)

Almost all my Staurogyne repens have died/melted away, and my other plants are HARDLY growing if at all, which I feel should be growing insanely fast considering this should be a hi-tech tank?

I've also got a nuisance brown filamentous/slime algae? It's been driving me absolutely nuts. I've tried added a lot of flow, very low flow, lowering light, raising light, increasing co2, decreasing co2, raising ferts, lowering ferts, nothing seems to help :|

Anyway there's obviously something I'm doing wrong, I just don't know what. Please help!