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I would stop the big water changes until the nitrate level gets high.

What are the nitrates at now?

How many ppm ammonia did you add to start the fishless cycle?

You are done cycling the tank when 1ppm ammonia is eaten up buy the BB in 24 hours or less, and there is no nitrite or ammonia present.
Runn the 1ppm ammonia test a few times when you get to that point,
the tank should eat up the ammonia in a day every time with no nitrites or ammonia present.

If you have between 0 and .5 ppm ammonia it wouldn't hurt to add 1ppm ammonia and see what it does in a day.

And co2 will lower your ph. When co2 is added to a tank it makes carbonic acid that lowers the ph.
a 1 point ph drop is a good start, witch is about where you are at.
If you pull the ph down too far with the co2 you could start gassing fish.
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