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Struggling Crypt

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I'm hoping someone can suggest why my Crypt is struggling to stay looking good. Below is a photo. The inner darker leaves are new ones. The outer lighter ones are older leaves and are yellowing and falling apart. It is in a 55gal tank with 2wpg T8 lighting (all bulbs have reflectors fitted). I treat with Flourish Excel every or every other day, which I have recently started supplimenting with a Hagen CO2 unit (suitable for about 20gal tank). I also placed Tropica Aquacare capsules in the sand underneath when it was planted a couple of months ago.

Any suggestions would be great Thanks.


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1st thing is trim those dieing leaves. the really badly damaged ones need to go ASAP. It looks like it is adjusting to new water parameters.
leaving dieing leaves causes the whole plant to suffer because it focuses its energies trying to repair those leaves rather then to grow new healthy ones.
OK, thanks. I assume that to trim them I should just cut them back to as close to the bottom as possible?
Yep, just trim as close to the base as possible.
I agree with BS. Looks like it's adjusting. Be glad it didn't melt.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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