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String algae appears as plant mass increases?

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I have just experienced sudden, rapid plant growth these last few days. These plants are growing like weeds and managed to grow almost a quarter to a half of my 75 gallon tank in just four days. However, I also noticed that green dust algae and thread/string algae started popping up. Could this be due to the fact that my plant mass increased, lessening the co2 available in the tank paired with EI dosing? I have experienced problems with trace ferts in the past, and just got it dialed down (apparently, based on the plant growth this week)
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Ferts are less important then most of people think.
Fertilizers (nutrients) are the most important part of the planted tank hobby. Regardless of where they originate - broken down fish food, fish waste, your city's water supply, substrate or dosing the water column - they're required for plants to live and grow.

Don't make claims like this without providing some explanation, as they only serve to confuse newcomers. It's important to be specific in instances like this.
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