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String algae appears as plant mass increases?

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I have just experienced sudden, rapid plant growth these last few days. These plants are growing like weeds and managed to grow almost a quarter to a half of my 75 gallon tank in just four days. However, I also noticed that green dust algae and thread/string algae started popping up. Could this be due to the fact that my plant mass increased, lessening the co2 available in the tank paired with EI dosing? I have experienced problems with trace ferts in the past, and just got it dialed down (apparently, based on the plant growth this week)
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Did you recently plant or do a major trim and replant? Your statement that the plants have really taken off over the past "few days" makes me think that perhaps this is the case and they've finally established well enough to start growing well. Am I in the ballpark?

Something else you could be seeing, especially in regards to the GDA, is the explosion in growth causing heavy uptake of one nutrient over another, causing an imbalance.

Do you test for N and P?

What's your normal dosing regimen; concentration (mg/L or ppm) per frequency? For example, 10 mg/L NO3 3x/week
Hey sorry for the late response. I dose EI for a simpler routine and so I do have ferts in excess. Everything's all nominal now, but my biggest guess would be with excess traces. Prior to the massive growth spurt, my AR was crumpling up which (per 2hraquarist's post) meant trace toxicity. All my plants were struggling. They began to really take off after a water change and no trace dosing (aside from DTPA 10% Fe) and I was running lights so high they were growing faster than I could maintain. I assume the massive plant growth created for a low CO2 environment provided I didn't adjust it, which (paired with high lights) created a suitable environment for all types of algae. I've since lowered the lights and everything is growing great at a more manageable pace, no massive algae growth as well.
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