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Strange sound from CO2 system

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I have recently setup a CO2 system, it is up and running but I am facing a rather strange issue.

I am getting a 'tink' sound every few minutes when the solenoid is on. The duration between the sounds are related to the bubble per second. So initially I was getting the sound every 2 minutes. Then once I reduced the bubble/second, I am now getting the sound every six minutes.

I have no idea where this sound would be coming from and whether it is a cause for concern. This is the first time I am using a CO2 system so I have no idea if this is normal.

Any ideas what it could be?

Thanks in advance.
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As there are so many ways to feed CO2, more info on exactly which set of reg, needle valve, solenoid, etc. may be needed to get closer to the correct answer. Meanwhile I might report on the only time I had a mystery noise from my CO2? Had an irritating "pop/click" sound that seemed to only occur when I was not near the tank.
Turned out to be the fish slapping and algea tab around!!!
Try to pin down that it is in fact the CO2, not some other random thing . Drove myself silly looking for the noise!
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