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Strange fry - Cardinal?

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Whee! Yesterday I put in 6 Cardinal Tetras and today while peering in I noticed 4 fry! They are small, smaller than a swordtail fry but visible. Just silver and black, a kind of transparent silver. I don't know if they are hitchhikers from the LFS tank, my Cardinals had fry overnight :icon_eek: or my Danios had eggs on one of the plants and when I changed the gravel, they somehow survived. Maybe I'm a bit dim but I only noticed them today and they are a bit big now.

Maybe they aren't fish at all? I hope they aren't mosquitos. Sorry no pictures. No camera.
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unlikely they are cardinal fry as it cardinal tetra are difficult to breed unless perfect conditions are satisfied.

if they're not hurting anything, i guess let them grow out and you'll find out soon enough?
most likely your danios had eggs laden in the plants. Cardinals and the sort need a dark tank for the eggs to hatch, and it usually takes about 36 or something hours.
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