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Went to clean out my 2 gallon nano today. Scooped the shrimp out, put all the plants and wood into a bowl, and just got it down to the subtrate a few minutes ago.

I was going to leave the substrate in there and was mixing it around after I got the water out when I noticed 7 or 8 little white balls. They were all in the same area, buried in the substrate, and I don't see any roots or plant pieces anywhere near them.

Only thing that's ever been in the tank are cherries. A few fish have been popped in for a few minutes for various reasons, but none pregnant or longer than a few minutes. Only two stem plants, the rest is moss. Substrate is eco complete straight outta the bag.

They are definitely eggs of some sort as I got curious and crushed one in a napkin. I didn't see any sort of animal body, but you could tell it was an actual egg and there looked like a bit of blue fluid/liquid on the napkin. Most are perfectly round, but a few have more of an egg shape.

Any clue as to what these are? I have had a few tiny snails, maybe only 4 in the past 5 months. I did get waterbugs/fleas in the past two weeks and have noticed a few more tiny, tiny clear things that i think are snails sticking to the glass. No idea on the eggs though.. they are hard shelled which is bizarre...
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