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Straight Vesuvius Sword?

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My Echinodorus Vesuvius has started growing straight leaves instead of curled leaves. I have a bunch of it (too much of it) in my tank that all started with one plant two years ago. At first it didn't grow well, and was just one short, curly little plant in the back of the tank. About a year ago it started growing really well, and then a few months ago some of the new plants had straight leaves. Now they are all mostly long, straight leaves with a few little curly plants. Is this just something that this plant does, or do I have a sport?
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technically, the normal form of Echinodorus angustifolia is straight, but the vesuvius variety is curly. I could very easily see how the plant might revert back to becoming straighter over time. If you want it curly again, I would probably just trim a good amount of the straight leafs and keep trimming the plant until all it grows is curly leafs
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