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Stowaway plants

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You ever find an unexpected plant months after you got something? And not in a big tank either. I have a 10 gallon, and I just found some hygro growing from a patch of HM I got in APRIL. Pretty funny how stuff happens.
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or ..... moss.

I've also had crypts sprout up 6 months after I pulled the mother plant. I'm pretty surprised about the hygro though, I'd expect this to happen with plants that have extensive root systems!
in a word......... duckweed

if you could only see my tank right now.
I always laugh at my newbie days,
when a bit of HM was mixed in with
some Glosso I was excited to try.

so the Glosso is fine, then all of a
sudden, one Glosso looking stem
kept growing up and up and up,
and I was freaking out till I learned
it was really an HM hitchhiker :hihi:
Although not a plant hitchhiker, I normally get the snail hitchhiker when I purchase plants, but yesterday I found a live dragonfly flying around between the water and the tank light in addition to and a few other live dragonfly larvae. These guys did not come from anywhere around here (I am in New Mexico, it is approaching during the day and there is no water around). Needless to say, freaked me out!
That's how I got the pygmy chain swords that are currently carpeting half of one of my ten-Gs. That was a really nice surprise. Didn't think I'd like those, but I really do now.
:hihi: This is why I tend to throw in little surprises, just to see if someone will catch it. I LOVE getting hitchhikers, so if I pull something out and something else comes with it, I generally just leave it there and hope they like it!
Unless we are talking about duckweed, or insect larvae (I also got freaked out once finding a dragon fly larve in my tank before I knew what it was.) I think it's great getting the bonus plant. Like the prize in cracker jacks.
Back in feb when i got plants from Lynny.
5 little stems of HC was logged in The riccia so i left it floating til the summer. And grew it emerged in a 10 gallon. From 5 stems to like 20"Lx 12"W

i still have some right now. SO this is my best Hitchhiker ever
its a crap shoot for me. i get stowaways all the time, some good some not so good. duckweed and that stringy bladderwort on the bad. on the good side, i also seem to get crypts all the time even though i rinse and look for roots and rhyzomes that dont belong before planting. in my 120g, a crypt wendetti (i think) popped up a month after i scaped it for the first time. i left it because it looked neat and provided some contrast in leaf size to the HM and umbrosium i had at the time. it now dominates the tank. lucky for me it grew in the right spot, so it actually fits in well to the scape. i still curse everytime i need to remove the duckweed and bladderwort though.....
I got Riccia and some mosses as hitchhikers. Probably a few more that didn't make it in my tanks.

One cool one was a little sprig of Fissidens which started to grow out of nowhere.
Two Bosemanni Rainbow fish.

They came in on some Limnophilia aromatica as fertilized eggs. I was looking at what should have been an empty aquarium and saw fry. One of the fish jumped out a few months after their discovery, but one has survived.

i had rainbowfish fry get into my shrimp only tanks when I moved moss from my main tank. All 5 fry survived and are now about an inch long or so. Plenty of little things to eat in shrimp only tanks.
hehe I accidentally sent some one a guppy fry:)
alright was twice:icon_redf
one of them still has it
I know I have sent out RCS babys before. I seen them in the bag of moss that I was getting ready to ship so I just added some extra water to it and wrote a little not on the bag. And man were they happy. To this day he still has cherrys coming out of his was zoo from my little start that I gave him.
I found some pennywort growing out of my marsilea minutae, and it looks kinda cool actually! I'm assuming it came in with the MM and I just never noticed before... And just the other day when I was trimming I found some HC or glosso (not sure which) lodged in a plant thats been in my tank for a month now... so I stuck it in the substrate and we'll see if it grows... Both of my hitchhiker surprises were super cool in my opinion!
Bump, why not...

Frogs and tadpoles in large bundles of Anacharis.

Crinum bulb, leafless, with bulbs of nymphae, who could mistake them?

Some fish with other fish.
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