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Trades are always preferred over cash. I'm open to everything aquarium related. shrimp, fish, plants, equipment etc.


Please contact me for shipping on the set you would like. Due to different sizes.
I ship these in medium to large flat rate boxes prices vary depending on what set will fit in what size. But I always try to cut costs for the buyer and fit however much I can into the lowest price box.

A1 - 3.5 lbs Chert ($10)

A2 - 11.5 lbs Shrimp Stone ($18)

A3 - 16.5 lbs Chert ($25)

A4 - 13 lbs Shrimp Stone ($20)

A5 - 29 lbs Chert (SOLD)

A6 - 6.5 lbs Shrimp Stone ($10)

A7 - 9.5 lbs Chert ($15)


Ferts Availible

Unused bag of manganese Sulfate mnso4
($7.50 Shipped) Small flat rate box


Co2 Glassware

One Co2 diffuser left ( $13 shipped) Same diffuser in the photo.


True Weeping Moss Vesicularia ferriei

I have one golfball left (SOLD)
This moss was originally ordered from Tropica by aciditydweller then bought by me after he grew it out. This is true weeping moss.

Shipping info

I will not be responsible for delayed or damaged packages by usps. But im more than happy to work with anyone on any problems. :smile:
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