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I changed directions on a build so I decided not to keep these hides. They are made of a light brown travertine that looks very nice.
The larger ones fit the larger side of a petri dish well, they are also reversible and the top is separate so you can easily service them or put them in the orientation you want. There is about 2 inches of clearance on the inside and side to side on the doors.

The smaller ones do not have a removable top so they are not reversible. Although if you wanted you could cut the silicone and reverse them on your own.

Sorry for the last picture I moved the camera but it just shows that they are well braced and can fit a petri dish.
The large hides are $35 each
The small hides are $20 each
If you are worried about pH buffering I can also coat them in a very nice clear epoxy for $10 (for all the ones you order its just one charge) If you buy them all I will do this free if you desire.
Shipping will be $10 to the US lower 48 for any amount you buy, unless you take all of them at once then shipping will be free.[/QUOTE]
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