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Stocking.. w/CO2, shrimp, cories....

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so i have a 40g breeder tank, filtration: fluval 406, Lighting: compact florescent 4wpg, pressurized CO2 distributed with a power head, jumble of substrate: sand, gravel, eco complete, fluval plant substrate.

i currently needed to get rid of 1 of my 3 tanks, due to the fact i do not have time for it any more, working full time and being a 16 credit full time college student.
-so i need to play musical fish
-currently the tank is over stocked, i will be rehoming some of the fish

what i want to know is will the following work:

school of rasboras ( i have 3) -- want to add more
school of neons (i have 4 or 5) -- want to add more
school of cherry barbs (i have 4 or 5) -- want to add more
school of cories (i have 5 or 6)
group of kuhli loaches(i have 5)
1 BN pleco full grown
a bunch of Red Cherry Shrimp (probably 100-200)
possibly a few young BN plecos ( untill i can rehome them all)
-- young/juv fry until they are rehomed

WILL THE CORIES OR LOACHES EAT THE SHRIMP (to the point of decreased population)

CAN THE SHRIMP LIVE WITH THE CO2 And non consistent addition of dry ferts, THE TANK IS PLANTED, I remove a gallon size bag every 3-4 weeks just so i can see to the back of the tank.
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